Last Witnesses exhibition / events

The traveling exhibition Last Witnesses first opened in September 2013 at the National Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana. Since then it has traveled around and beyond Slovenia.

The exhibition speaks about the impact of human rights violations inflicted seven decades ago and then forgotten. It captures both the strength and profound vulnerability of the survivors and offers an intimate glance at our challenging historic past—at the relatively unknown internment of civilians in WWII-era Italian Fascist concentration camps.

The exhibition consists of portraits of (Slovene) survivors and/or their family members, together with photographs of personal objects and former locations of internment, drawn from visits to Kampor / Island of Rab (Croatia), Gonars (Italy), Visco (Italy), Chiesanuova (Italy) and Visco (Italy).

Through a series of exhibition events we have come to discover the real impact that these depicted internment stories have on different generations of viewers. The exhibition venues have regularly turned into emotional spaces where strong feelings of confusion and astonishment about the untold past have come to the fore; and where survivors, relatives and viewers shared or exchanged personal anecdotes, information and penetrating empathy.

We will be pleased to consider and welcome invitations to host the exhibition anywhere in the world.

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