As there are certainly more stories related to the time of WWII and the Italian Fascist camps, with which our project deals, we would like to invite you to share with us your story or the story of a family member, accompanied with an object of internment and a photograph.

Your contribution, to be reviewed by our editorial team for accuracy, could be part of an online documentation base, consisting of events and the experiences of individuals who were victims of human rights violations by the then Italian Fascist authorities.

This way your contribution will help break through the historic amnesia, will build on the memory of the past in order that we remember and prevent such atrocities from happening again.


Key information for submission should answer:

•    What happened?
•    Who is part of the story?
•    When did it take place?
•    Where did it take place?
•    Why did that happen?
•    How did it happen?

If possible, attach visual material as below:
– jpg format
– minimum 600 px on the long side of the picture, not bigger than 1M

To share your story, please use the form below.